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  • Advanced Injectables contains 14 lessons that provide detailed training videos on the most sought after, minimally invasive, aesthetic procedures with an emphasis on injectables + direct, priority access to Dr. Rajani through your Member Dashboard and more.
  • 14 lessons with detailed training videos that generally follow this outline:
    -Topic overviews
    -Pertinent anatomy, beauty angles and rheology considerations
    -Detailed video demonstration of the procedure and narration by Dr. Rajani
    -Discussion of complications and pitfalls
    -How to charge for the procedure and profitability
    -Your ACTION ITEMS - What you should do TODAY with this knowledge
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Advanced injectAbles

Course Contents

The under eye and tear trough (or lid cheek junction) is a tricky area to fill and provide consistent satisfaction for patients. There are also many inherent risks. In this video Dr. Rajani reviews Hyaluronic Acid Microcannula Injection as one option. Includes a Q&A Video answering a few common questions about the mid face lesson.

PDO Threads are not only a trending procedure but also a high satisfaction and rewarding tool for an injector. We will review the types, histological data and technique for Smooth and Twist threads. These are the highest satisfaction thread procedures with no downtime, great revenue and wide range of application. The perfect practice builder.

Sculptra is the world's leader for facial biostimulation. Injecting it is art and science combined. One has to be methodical, consistent and systematic to be successful. Dr. Rajani reviews and demonstrates upper face Sculptra injections in this lesson.

The Pre Auricular area is so often Forgotten. It is a key element, a practice builder and differentiator. Dr. Rajani explains and demonstrates Exactly Why and How. Sculptra is the world's leader for facial biostimulation. Injecting it is art and science combined. One has to be methodical, consistent and systematic to be successful.

Blood products like PRP and PRF are commonly used as stand alone or combination treatments for aesthetic rejuvenation. PRP was the first generation of blood product used followed by PRF. In this lesson the benefits and uses of each are covered. The science is described, the blood spun and injections demonstrated.

This lesson covers a combination of Lifting Threads, Sculptra and Smooth Neck Threads! PDO Thread Combinations are not only a trending procedure but also a highly satisfying and rewarding tool for an injector. We will pop into my clinic for a complete treatment. These are the highest satisfaction, practice building procedures providing great revenue and a wide range of applications. Separate your practice from the rest.

Our lesson covers the Jawline! Aesthetic injectable and device companies are scrambling to get ahead of the jawline craze. It is purported to be at least a 5 year trend. There are many ways to inject this area and many pitfalls. Dr. Rajani demonstrates his consult, technique, various product choices, anatomy, complications and combination services.
Almost everything in a practice from fillers to lasers are judged on the effectiveness and duration of Toxin Injections within the practice. These are often the gateway to every other procedure and the #1 front desk call for new patients to our clinics. Everyone in the clinic should be well versed in this procedure from pricing and duration to cost and expectations. You want to get this 100% correct for a thriving practice. The entire staff should watch this lesson. Consider watching it as a team.

The under eye is one of the top drivers to Aesthetic Practices but the trickiest to get perfect. Dr. Rajani demonstrates peri-ocular rejuvenation with Tear Trough Fillers, Fractionated Rf, PDO Threads and Neurotoxin. Anatomy is reviewed, HD Injections are demonstrated and pitfalls and controversies discussed.

HyperDilute Radiesse Mixed with PRF. Tightening the neck is requested multiple times a day in our practices. It isn’t easy given the multifactorial causes of neck aging. The platysma muscle, the skin and fat along with bone loss all play a role. Dr. Rajani reviews and demonstrates MicroCannula Neck injections of Radiesse, Lidocaine and PRF mixtures.

This Course covers the 3 essential components towards free marketing. Never pay for marketing again. This is followed by a combination procedure using Sculptra, chin filler and RF Microneedling. Creating face shape, lifting and tightening combinations are in demand. Work smarter not harder. See less traffic and create more revenue and patient satisfaction. Use automatization and social media to streamline your practice.

Neuromodulators are used off label in many regions of the face and body. In this series of videos I focus on mid and lower face injections. Modulating movement plays an essential role in rejuvenating the lower face and works in combination with fillers, biostimulators, PRF and devices. Preparing, dosing, anatomy and injections are reviewed along with pitfalls to avoid. 

The decollete' is an area our patients do not know that we can indeed treat and so oft neglected. Sculptra can do an amazing job to build collagen and tighten skin. It is perfect for combination including skin creams, PRF, IPL, lasers and RF energy devices. In this lesson I inject Sculptra for the Decollete'.

The knees are an area our patients rarely know that we can indeed treat quite easily and effectively. Sculptra can do an amazing job to build collagen and tighten skin. It is perfect for combination including skin creams, PRF, IPL, lasers and RF energy devices. In this lesson I inject Sculptra for the knees.


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Anil Rajani, MD

Dr. Anil Rajani attended medical school at The University of Western Ontario, graduating with honors. Prior to that he received a Bachelor of Science degree from Dalhousie University. He completed his residency in Canada before coming to The United States and founding Style Aesthetics. PlasmaSculpt, PlasmaBoosters, PlasmaLip and PlasmaGlo are his signature procedures.
About me
Dr. Rajani has participated with the leading cosmetic centers in the United States and abroad and has over 15 years of experience in the aesthetic field. He is an expert Trainer and Lecturer for Allergan (the makers of Botox® and Juvederm® family), Galderma (the makers of Dysport®, Restylane® and Sculptra®), Merz, Suneva Medical (the makers of Artefill® – now called Bellafill®), NovaThreads and Cosmofrance (the makers of the innovative Dermasculpt MicroCannulas).

Specializing in the training of health care professionals, Dr. Rajani educates his students in the use of combination procedures and injectable treatments with an eye towards a natural look. His patients have been able to defer or even avoid surgical procedures altogether after receiving treatment with his Liquid Facelift procedure, combining fillers, collagen stimulators, PRF, PDO Threads and now PlasmaSculpt. Using the latest in revolutionary technologies, this combination has helped improve and enhance his patients’ skin, resulting in more youthful and natural looking appearances.

He has also been recognized as a Diamond Elite Artefill/Bellafilll Provider, a Platinum Plus BOTOX Cosmetic Provider by Allergan, and a Platinum Restylane Provider by Galderma, highlighting his vast experience with these products. Dr. Rajani is recognized among his colleagues as being an expert in minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Rajani has a very loyal following of patients around the world who trust his expertise when it comes to maintaining their youthful appearance and radiant skin. His knowledge of Erbium Yag, CO2 lasers, and radio-frequency skin tightening platforms keep them coming back. His topical skin care line and his RajaniMD chemical peels are an added bonus. This line of skin care featuring his customized prescription grade products can be found at

Dr. Anil Rajani, MD lectures at various patient education forums and teaches at medical conferences as well. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, and FOX affiliates speaking on the advances in cosmetic medical procedures. He can also be heard on local northwest radio stations and his YouTube Channel at His Instagram can be found at