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Our clients have a few nice things to say about us

Dr. Anil Rajani is a sought after national trainer. He has helped numerous patients delay surgical procedures with his non invasive aesthetic techniques. So blessed to have him come to our practice.

Aesthetics Hawaii
What a priviledge and an honor to meet and learn from one of the top medical aesthetics geniuses in the industry today. have personally learned so much from subscribing to his educational YouTube channel this past year on my new aesthetic journey, it took it to a whole new level to meet him and learn from him in person today!
Alura Skin and Laser Clinic
Thank you Dr. Rajani for spending the morning with me. Your energy and charisma are infectious, and your insights really challenged me to become even better.
Hey Dr. Rajani-Awesome material! Much needed business and consultation advice as well! You saved my business by convincing me to do PRF, Threads, and microneedling. Many happy patients! The longer the webinar, the better. At least for me there's so much to learn from all of your experience.
-George Kiss
EFC Medspa
THIS IS NOT COMPANY SPONSORED in ANY WAY but rather Dr Rajani’s Own Personal Best Practices.